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Hello everyone and may this be a good day for you all. I am a very proud mother to an EXCEPTIONAL 10 year old daughter, Mary Pedigo. Mary is a 4th grader who attends LeGrande Elementary.
Mary is, and has always been, an outstanding student who has managed to maintain Straight-A's throughout her school years. She takes great pride in her work and this shows to be true. Mary is always a giver and a go-getter. She is the first one to volunteer her time and her efforts to help with any cause or given situation. These are just a few of the reasons that Mary was HONORED this year when she received her invitation to join her schools' Jr. Beta Team. Why is this such an honor? Mary is the FIRST 4th grade student to receive invitation to Jr. Beta here in our region and she will be the FIRST 4th grade student in attendance at Jr. Beta National Convention. If this is not a true honor, then I do not know what is.
We preach and lecture on a daily basis to all our children the importance of education and how we should always remember to give back to others. This is an educational opportunity that not every child is opportune to experience. This will definitely be an experience that Mary will never forget and the things learned she will bring back and put forth in her every day life. Attending Jr. Beta Convention will be a stepping stone for all that awaits Mary as she continues to achieve greatness. This is our time to lead by example on all that we preach and prove to this girl, my daughter, that what we say is not just all talk.
The trip for Jr. Beta National Convention is quite costly, as it is a 5 day trip for 40 students, the Sponsors, Teachers, and Volunteer Chaperons. The Jr. Beta Team is doing all they can to raise their funds, but it is nowhere close to enough. It is the parent's responsibility to cover the unmet costs for their child and this is not an option for our family. Unfortunately, I have recently lost my job due to unseen circumstances and the money is just not there. I am typically a very proud woman and manage to take care of my own, but I know that this trip is not realistically available.
I have already spoken to Mary about the possibility that we may not be able to send her to Virginia to attend the Jr. Beta National Convention. It broke my heart to see the disappointment in her eyes. Yet, being the child that she is, even enveloped with devastation, she simply wrapped HER arms AROUND ME, hugged me and said, "It's gonna be alright, Mom. I know you try." This ten year old child telling me that it will be alright. That is my daughter, Mary. So wise and mature beyond her 10 years. So intuitive and insightful. She has earned this trip, she DESERVES this trip, and so much more. She has proven herself in a way that has earned her the title of Jr. Beta Team Member while in 4th grade- an accomplishment that most do not receive until 6th grade.
Mary has not the slightest clue that I have started this fundraiser page in efforts to get her bags packed and her on her way to Virginia along with her Teammates and Peers for what is to be a memory of a lifetime. I am hoping to be able to surprise her by pulling up the page and saying, "I think you need to see this," and for her to see here on this screen that so many people had read her story and decided that she EARNED to attend this event. I know Mary, my daughter, and I know that if this was made possible that she would feel grateful towards each and every single person who helped us to send her to Virginia. To be honest, being my daughter, she would likely wish to send each person a Thank You letter as that is how she is. She believes that you never leave any act of kindness unacknowledged.
If you are able, please find it in your hearts to help me prove to Mary that hard work, commitment, and dedication do pay off. Help me to show her that when you put your mind to something that you can make it happen. I know that if able to attend this Convention that Mary will take nothing there lightly and that upon returning home will take everything learned while there and apply it in her every day life here at home. Please help me get my daughter to Virginia for this wonderful opportunity and experience- one that she will never forget and will always treasure. Help me to put that smile on her face and joy in her heart. Any donation will be appreciated, anything from $1.00 all the way to the stars. Every dollar is a stepping stone that leads to a world of endless possibilities and greater things to come.
I wish to Thank You each and every one in advance from the bottom of my heart, As a parent, to some a friend, and others a total stranger, there is no better feeling than knowing that you can give your child the best start possible in life, and this is a wonderful opportunity that was given to one 4th grade student who had proven herself worthy.
If you all will, please share this page and Mary's story with all of your friends and family. It will only take a few moments to do so and if her story is to be sent out across the nation, maybe-just maybe in a matter of weeks- my daughter will be packing her bags and enthusiastically saying her goodbyes as I fight back my tears and urge to hold tightly to her hand.


Organized by

Nellie Bentley

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