Bonobo Conservation Initiative

Bonobo Conservation Initiative
Bonobo Conservation Initiative
GoFundMe Charity : Nov 09, 2010
Tax ID: 52-2146443
BASED: Washington, DC, United States


Save the Bonobos!

Protect Bonobos. Preserve Rainforest. Empower People.

The mission of the Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) is to protect bonobos, preserve their tropical rainforest habitat, and empower local communities in the Congo Basin. BCI is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). BCI is the only international organization solely dedicated to protecting wild bonobos and their rainforest habitat.

BCI’s guiding vision is the Bonobo Peace Forest, a connected network of community-managed reserves where both bonobos and their human neighbors can thrive. Our approach to conservation is fueled by the belief that local leadership is the path to effective and enduring conservation. Inspired by the collaborative and cooperative nature of bonobos, BCI developed the Bonobo Peace Forest concept in partnership with Congolese organizations and communities. The Peace Forest addresses conservation and humanitarian needs simultaneously. Local communities take the lead in conservation efforts and benefit from livelihood programs including healthcare, education, income opportunities, and more. Large areas of rainforest are shielded from logging, mining, and other threats, while bonobos can thrive within a protected habitat corridor. All of these programs and activities are currently supported by local and international investment; they will ultimately be economically self-sustaining thanks to a combination of sustainable development, improved agriculture, microcredit programs, ecotourism, carbon credits, and more. The Bonobo Peace Forest builds more than reserves; it builds a conservation-centered way of life.

Tax ID: 52-2146443 •


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