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Body, Soul & Food Photography Show

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The Body, Soul & Food Photography Show by Jodi Burke takes art lovers on a journey of compassion, truth and strength as Jodi provides insight into the harrowing world of eating disorders and the redemptive story of women who have overcome it.
340 West 42nd Street, #880
New York, NY 10108

Jodi Burke is a Photographer. A photographer who overcame an eating disorder and the related challenges to develop a sense of strength and inner power, enough to present a dynamic photo art show that tells the story of women’s beauty, the challenges, the pitfalls and the overcoming.

The Body, Soul & Food Photography Show is a collection of Jodi’s photography that draws the observer deep into the complex world of feminine beauty from a truly authentic standpoint, sharing the plights of many and the guts of others.

Jodi is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for the show on Rocket Hub and would love you to support with financial pledges, social media sharing and by informing as many people as you know with an interest in the journey of self-discovery undertaken by many who are caught up in the maelstrom that is an eating disorder.

In the hope that people will finally be able to see the truth, connect with the pain and also witness stories of overcoming, healing and joy; Jodi captures many women’s stories so effortlessly with her lens, and has put them together in a way that she believes will honor and uplift these women.

Jodi Burke said ” I hope to give you a sense of who I am and where I am coming from…anyone that has ever had to deal with the effects of an eating disorder …will feel that they are no longer alone and that they can heal as many other women have by simply loving themselves ”

To find out how you can support and eventually attend the Body, Soul & Food Photography Show, then please check out Jodi’s campaign here.

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