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Blue Water Surrender Inc

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Bluewater Surrender's mission began in 2007 and after several trips and much thought and prayer, in 2013 , touched by the needs of the many children suffering in Guatemala, the vision of Casa Agua Azul was brought forth. In 2018, Guatemala CNA designated the home its highest Guatemalan government status and the children began to arrive.  Casa Agua Azul currently houses and cares for 17 children, boys and girls (ages 10 weeks to 13). Each child's life lives dramatically as they have been  rescued from tramatic situations and court ordered to the home. We see them thrive at Casa Agua Azul. They begin smiling, cooperating and the process of healing their bodies, minds and spirits begins. Service and mission trips are available for small groups, or join a larger group. Details are on our website, bluewatersurrender.org