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Bliss Kid Yoga

Bliss Kid Yoga is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to nurturing community health and wellness by providing both free and affordable yoga and mindfulness programs for children, families and educators. Bliss Kid Yoga specializes in programs for sensitive populations including children and families who are survivors of abuse, children with exceptionalities, English language learners, economically challenged families and more.

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Please consider helping Bliss Kid Yoga reach our goal of raising $500 to provide access to Global Citizen Camp to children currently navigating the foster care system!

Global Citizen Camp provides the opportunity for children to engage in unique social/emotional hands on learning geared towards promoting peaceful social interactions, nurturing our global resources and combating the collective stress of our society through yoga and mindfulness.

 Attending Global Citizen Camp can equip children with tools to stay safe and healthy while navigating the foster care system and beyond. Make an impact on the mental health of your community. Breath awareness helps children increase focus, reduce stress and learn self-regulation techniques. Give children in foster care the opportunity to be seen and heard in a safe and nurturing environment. Provide the opportunity for children to experience positive attachment relationships with camp care givers and peers.

$25 = Farm fresh snacks for camp

$50= Art and earth science supplies for camp

$150= 1 Part-time scholarship for a child in foster care

$300= 1 Full-time scholarship for a child in foster care

$600 = 2 full time scholarships for kids in foster care

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