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Bleating Hearts Farm and Sanctuary

"You can't buy love, but you can rescue it."

www.BleatingHeartsFarm.org Tax ID 84-3216961


 We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit farm animal rescue and sanctuary located in Napa, California, providing a safe haven for animals in need of a permanent home and facilitating adoptions for those rehabilitated. 

Our mission is to provide a safe and loving place for farm animals that are in need of a home, that would otherwise be deemed un-adoptable or a lost cause. We are home to many animals that require supplements, pain medications, or special care. 

In the event that an individual can't make a benefit off of some livestock, they will simply terminate them. We would much rather take on that creature and rehabilitation to adoption if possible.

We want to give 4H students an alternative outcome for their raised pets, by reaching out to our local FFA chapter presidents and other farm sanctuaries. With an end goal to diminish lethal livestock barters, we would urge live sales to companion homes. Educating and providing alternative options to fatal auctions of livestock animals. Such as weed abatement/fire prevention jobs, cruelty-free petting zoos, natural agricultural ground tilling and fertilization, companion/emotional support animals. Working with local fairground auctioneers, changing rules to allow the option of live sales. Helping kids learn about caring for creatures, rewarding them for doing so, while saving the lives of many. 

Educating the public about animal friendly lifestyle choices. 

Farm animals have so much love to give. Just like cats or dogs they are capable of emotions and so much personality. Did you know you can train a goat just like a dog?