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Black Dawg Farm And Sanctuary

Our Guiding Principles Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary will serve as a rescue agency, receiving equines and farm animals from distressed environments. Providing a sanctuary and a lifelong home of care, compassion and enrichment. Rehabilitation Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary’s program of rehabilitation will focus on each individual animal’s need for healthcare and medical treatment, nutrition and dietary needs, and careful handling and training, with the goal of restoring vitality, human trust, and the necessary socialization skills to participate in the farm animal community. Education Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary will work to reduce equine and other farm animal abuse by educating the public on the consequences of neglect and improper care through our educational programs. INSPIRE Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary will look to inspire children, teens and adults through our core values: Creating a Safe and Nurturing Environment; for both animals and humans alike. The main criteria for each animal’s presence is that they thrive in the care at Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary and play a supportive role in educational and animal-assisted therapy programs for children, teens and adults. Create Opportunity for growth; provide a place children are given a chance to explore and discover their inherent strengths in a safe and structured nature-based environment, their self-esteem, compassion, coping and social skills will improve. Shared Governance; Established universal values and a shared language help create an environment in which everyone feels safe, respected, and included. It is how we teach skills, set priorities and make decisions, which ultimately, affect those we serve. Social Responsibility; Respect, dignity and worth of all living things is our goal for our children, our staff, and all who partner with us is to bring knowledge and meaning to our relationships with the world, and with each other.

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Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate farm animals and to educate and inspire the public about their care and welfare. We provide a lifelong sanctuary for our adopted animals with veterinary care, proper feeding, environment enrichment and love. At the same time giving people who might not have had contact with farm animals a hand on experience.  We offer learning programs for children and teens, helping them to connect and build emotional and mental well-being through the human- animal bond. We also work with mental health providers and their patients, through equine assisted activities and therapies.