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Dear Black People,
Black Lives Matter- or at least they should. Everyday we are reminded that black lives STILL do not matter, despite our grandparents participating in the African-American Civil Rights Movements, and our parents protesting the beating of Rodney King. Now 23 years later we are fighting for the same thing our parents fought for- our lives, against those who have sworn to protect and serve us. Every 28 hours at least one of our black men in America is killed by the police, at the end of the day that black man is going to the city morgue while the police officer who shot him is going home to his family. Rarely do we get answers as to why our brother, sons, and fathers didn't come home and it been proven to many times that justice isn't an option for us. Black Lives Matter isn't about white lives not mattering anymore, its about us demanding that the justice system recognize that our lives matter TOO.(also, in addition, in conjunction with) It's not just for the moment, its a movement- moving this broken system towards change.
America's criminal justice system seems to be a game that is racially rigged. This becomes particularly clear if you look at the races of people in power in the judicial system. 60 percent of people in jail are black or of other racial minorities, and we face the death penalty at rates that far outstrip whites. 80 percent of black people are killed by police officers- more than half of them are unarmed and in police custody. The current system is allowing them to kill us leaving us to be just another hashtag on social media, its time that we step up and become the change that our grandparents and parents fought for so that our children and grandchildren don't have to keep fighting.
We need more black people and people of ethnic minorities in the local police departments and judicial system. We need men and women who are going to protect and serve not just kill us, men and women who want to seek justice for what is right and not just throw us away in jail-Black people make up only 3 percent of individuals studying law.
Black By Popular Demand was created to encourage more black boys and girls study law by helping deserving ones pay for their higher education. The average tuition of law school in 2014 was estimated at $100,000 per year, it is our goal to help send 3 black students to law school this fall 2015. Things wouldn't diminish overnight if we were put into higher positions of authority in criminal justice, but it would be a step in the right direction in helping to eliminate bias.
We are more than just a trending hashtag on social media, our lives matter too and we are Black by Popular Demand!


Please email if you are a future law student and you wish to be considered for financial help for the school year starting this fall 2015. Share this with your family and friends.


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