Bishop emergency dental surgery snd replacement

Organized by: Lynda Bishop

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Hi I'm Lynda and I am married for 21 years and have six children ages 13 to 20. PLEASE PLEASE help ME......YOU are my final hope with this.  I am exhausted from living with the run down feeling and the pain this health problem has caused me. That is not to mention the embarrassment I feel with my family and friends and the loss of private time with my husband. Although we have medical insurance we do not have enough dental insurance to cover my urgent needs and we do not have savings. We are a family of 8 and there is just no hope for me to get this horrible problem corrected, feel better and be healthier unless maybe Mr. Harveys show could please have compassion for me and enough interest in my health to PLEASE HELP ME. So please help me. I get constant infections in my gums. I have broken chips of teeth on both my right and left side bottom. My top gums are filled with infection that can go dormant but will not leave me completely until my top bridges are removed and replaced.  I have no side teeth to chew with and my few front teeth.....which are my only teeth are sore and sensitive and hurt most of the time. I know this request us probably silly to you but it is hindering my life with my family.  I am to young to feel this old and miserable. It is getting more and more difficult to stop the pain and the embarrassment. My mouth is sore, almost all the time now. I am completely run down from fighting infections....i am embarrassed and very depressed over this. Some of my children are dating now and i feel like a recluse. I don't want to socialize anymore. I don't want to meet their dates. This is because I feel old, gross, disgusting, unhealthy, filled with infection and very rundown. This is all to do with the decay, pain, soreness and problems with my teeth and mouth.   PLEASE HELP ME. I just cant live like this anymore.  It is even hurting my relationship with my husband whom I love very much.  I am embarrassed  to even have him kiss me because of how ashamed and ugly my dental problems make me feel. It hurts my relationship with my husband because I don't even want to kiss him with my sore and unhealthy mouth. I am sick more than i am healthy because  of this and I am depressed and just don't want to live this way anymore. I have been to 3 dentists over the last 3 years to seek out if someone would help me. Although they all agreed that i desperately need one would help me unless I paid upfront and i cant pay upfront. We are a family of 8 with 6 children and in medical issues our children have to come before me. No matter how bad i need something. I have never asked for anything before but I CANNOT LIVE  with this illness ANY longer.  Especially when I know it can be completely corrected.  My husband and I just do not have the means to make this health correction happen.  I need you!!!! Please help me be there and be healthy for my husband and children.  PLEASE! My teeth are causing me misery and illness. You are my last and ONLY HOPE. PLEASE, please, please help me. Please help me. I am begging you. How can I function as a wife and mother when daily needs like eating and chewing are so painful. When smiling is humiliating with so many missing teeth. Infections keep me down for days each month.  Jaw and gum pain almost daily. My quality of life has declined so much.  Please afford me the chance to talk with you and please help me with correcting this problem and becoming healthy once again. You may be able to go to the ER for medical issues....but since when did the health and illness from dental problems not count as medical need for the body. Having serious dental problems DOES AFFECT your body, your health. HELP ME PLEASE. DON'T PASS ME BY.  I NEED YOU!! Thank you so very much. Hopeful Lynda 


Organized by

Lynda Bishop

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Lynda is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Bishop emergency dental surgery snd replacement.

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