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Birth Mom Missions

For just a second, put on the shoes of a birth parent. Imagine parting with your child. Imagine believing that it is your only option. Imagine believing that it is right. It still hurts, doesn't it? Now that you've got that feeling down, imagine someone has told you that you don't have a right to be sad. Or shed tears. Or miss your child. Hard to find a place to fit in again, huh? Most people thing you are crazy if you want to remember or talk about your child. Help us share how true adoptions are. They good, the bad, and the bittersweet parts. On TV shows with birth mothers giving abby up for adoption, it is not like anything I've ever seen in reality. Please spread this around. Birth Parents, grown adoptees, and adoptive parents... adoptive hopefuls should know where there money is going. I am not against adoption. I am FOR adoptions DONE RIGHT. Which isn't that hard, when you expose the middle man's lies.

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