Birthday Picnic Fundraiser

Birthday Picnic Fundraiser Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Apr 10, 2011

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Apr 30, 2011

On Tuesday April 5th I will be turning ... some undefined number that really isn't important unless you want to donate that many dollars. Oh, you want to donate that many dollars?


*sigh* ok then, I'm turning 38 - are you happy now? And yes, that IS a picture of me as a baby on the left, and YES I was totally adorable ... anyway, moving on to the important stuff!


On Saturday April 10th I will be celebrating with a large group of friends at a beautiful Botanical Park near me. There will be much food and fun to be had, and on the day I'll be asking all of those attending to make a donation to charity instead of buying me gifts.


... and you're ALL invited! Ok, so maybe you can't fly all the way to Perth, Australia to actually attend, but what you can do if you're free on the day (and the weather in your area is good ... don't you LOVE this time of year?) is hold your own bbq/picnic with friends for charity :) Actually, you can hold it any ol' time through the week, if another day suits you better.


So, that's what I'm inviting you to. I'd love to think that all around the world, people were getting together to celebrate my birthday (even if I'm not there) and raise a little money for a favourite charity. You can choose your own, or if you REALLY want it to be a great birthday for me, join my team and raise for my chosen charity.


Even though my haircut/shave challenge has officially ended, I'm still collecting donations at home, and so I've decided to officially continue the fundraising for Leaukaemia Research for my birthday as well. You can join my team or donate by following the link below.


If you do host your own bbq/picnic I sure would love to see some photos of people enjoying the day, and hopefully sporting some funky crowdrise apparell.


If you can't host a fundraising bbq/picnic of your own, please consider making a donation to my project instead - IYDGBNWLY