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Birthday Fundraiser for Nvader

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I hadn't intended to do this publicly, but my e-mail to a few family members has gone a bit viral and people seem to love this idea. So I thought I'd give everybody a chance to get on board! For my birthday, I'm helping support a new charity called Nvader that will

Investigate: Gather detailed and compelling evidence of specific cases of sex trafficking;

Rescue: Empower trusted local authorities to rescue victims and ensure that all victims receive appropriate aftercare to assist with their long term rehabilitation, financial independence and reintegration into the community;

Prosecute: Facilitate and support the prosecution of perpetrators of sex trafficking in close cooperation with trusted local authorities.

It's being started by an ex-federal cop from New Zealand with years of undercover experience whose work resulted in some of the first sex trafficking convictions in some countries. He has worked all over the world, including in the U.S. The group is made up of professionals with experience in criminal investigation, law, military/security, communications, social work , pastoral care, languages, financial fields etc. I think they'll do a fine job.

Things to know: This is a Christian faith-based organization. Obviously they do not discriminate, but if you're uncomfortable with faith-based charities you can always send money to Not for Sale or Free the Slaves. :)

This is not tax-deductible. Nvader is too new to have 501(c)3 certification in the USA.

If you're one of the people who already got wind of this and donated or intend to donate, don't do it here -- send a check to me personally. I already sent $1k USD as we agreed, so your gift to me will help offset my cost. This is for everybody else.

I've already met my own goal for this donation, so however much this raises is just extra. $5, $10, $500, whatever is appreciated. If you donate $500, though, I might ask you if I can borrow some money.



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