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EVENT DATE: Jun 17, 2017

Michigan Ecovillage & Faith, Hope & Unity Gardens are co-sponsoring a biochar demonstration!

• Biochar utilizes the low-tech Neolithic pit pyrolysis kiln, which anyone can replicate; Biochar is clean charcoal made for soil application, where it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere for tens of thousands of years, acting to reduce climate change. 

• Binding with lead in toxic soils, biochar remediates soils, reducing plants uptake of toxic substances. When made, the heat of the fire transforms the chemical structure of carbon, which then acts as a permanent humus in soil improving soil health for nutrient dense vegetables. Deep fertile prairie and man-made Terra Preta soils came from biochar.

• Participants will feed the fire, learn about the process and benefits of biochar, (including how to prepare and utilize it for soil fertility), and take home a sample of biochar for experimentation in their own garden. 

• Recommended donation is $5-10 which will be shared between the two sponsoring (501c3) nonprofits. 

• All are encouraged to attend regardless of donation - Let’s use this technology to help heal Detroit!