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EVENT DATE: Apr 13, 2013

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Apr 13, 2013


Get your Bingo on!


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On Saturday April 13th, and Power to the People bring you Bingo and Beer!  Join other singles in their 30s an 40s for a Bingo and Beer event at Jillian’s Bar on 4th street in San Francisco. Beer will be drank, food will be enjoyed, and bingo will be played as teams compete for prizes and get to know each other. Bingo and Beer is a fun and relaxing way to get to know some new people, while supporting a good cause. And Jillian’s is a really cool spot with a unique layout, pool tables, a hi-definition video wall, a full restaurant and a full bar. (


Your Bingo and Beer fee ($20) covers the food provided at the event, and a portion is also donated to non-profit Power to the People that offers trips for volunteers to install solar panels on schools in Central America. ( for more info).


5 reasons you will love this event:

1) When was the last time you played Bingo? Oh yeah, ‘nuf said.

2) Never been to Jillian’s? It’s always fun to check out a new bar.

3) The obvious meeting new single people perk.

4) You’re out on a Saturday night and when the event ends you can stay out longer.

5) You’ll not only meet some new people, but you’re helping people in rural Nicaragua get solar electricity. Having fun while doing good is always worth it.


Jillian’s is located at the south end of the Metreon, near the Mascone Convention Center, just south of Market St. It’s very close to BART and walking distance from downtown. This is not your grandma's bingo night. The Bingo and Beer event will take place in a private room at Jillian’s with our own bar and pool table. Make your non-single friends jealous that they can’t come…


Come on out and meet some cool people, your age, and see where the night takes you!

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