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Bidyanondo Foundation, Inc

Bidyanondo Foundation is a leading non-profit voluntary organization.

Http://www.Bidyanondo.org Tax ID 85-1405931


Bidyanondo Foundation is a leading non-profit voluntary organization. Bidyanondo Foundation holds global presence supporting underprivileged communities in Bangladesh, The United States, Canada and South America.

Since its inception in 2013, the Bidyanondo Foundation has been conducting large-scale relief activities in various disasters in the country.

Apart from 6 orphanages, 11 schools, Bidyanondo Foundation is implementing various social initiatives including food for One Taka/ 0.012 USD, sanitary pad for Five Taka, residential hotel for girls at 61 Taka, garments, food and medical assistance to the refugees.
Specialized on supporting Refugees from 2017, we are running one of the biggest activities for Rohingya (as a volunteer organization). We support in basic need for refugees. 

Food: More than 1 million lunch box is distributed within first year. 

Cloths: Warm cloths for 10,000 kids are being insured by 2018 winter Education: Running school for 300 Refugee camp in Jaamtali camp. 

Medical service: Major action during 2017, now halted for funding issue. Other than Rohingya Refugee, we are now exploring to work with “Shower for Sisters (fb.com/showersforsisters/) for refugees at Lesvos Island of Greece and Joel Nafuma Refugee Center (fb.com/JoelNafumaRefugeeCenter/) in Roma, Italy.

Our work is mostly sponsored and managed by general peoples like you. Anyone can work or support in our projects. You can get a comprehensive view from this video: fb.com/Bidyanondo/videos/1176426149059207/ or tons of material from online.