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Benjamin Malburg


Trailblazers are individuals or teams who agree to fundraise for late stage cancer patients.

$8,400.00 is the average amount we spend to support a cancer patient participating in an FDA clinical trial for one year.


Cancer has touched everyone in some way, from your friends, to your coworkers and family members. It's the call, email or text you never want to get. The worst call is when they say it is a stage IV diagnosis, the hardest stage of cancer to treat. Lazarex Cancer Foundation supports end stage cancer patients through their journey and fight to live.


Through the Trailblazer Program you'll help patients directly. You'll learn their stories and how you are helping them access breakthrough treatments through clinical trials. Your role and your goal, is to raise the funds necessary to help Lazarex patient’s through treatment.  You choose your Trailblazer goal whether it is $700 which is a month’s worth of a patient’s cost of treatment or at $8,400 to cover one patient’s treatment for a whole year, the choice is yours, Trailblazer!


Thank you for becoming a Trailblazer and sending patients a direct message of hope and encouragement; for giving patients more chances and more days, weeks or years with their family and those they love.



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