10% Raised of$50,000 Goal

Aligning Access to Community Health: Hotspotting

Every day, hospital emergency rooms (ERs) are overburdened with “super-utilizers,” patients who are visiting them for non-urgent care. In the most extreme cases, some patients visit the ER up to 100 trips per year. And nowhere in California is this more of a crisis than in the East Bay, where 34 percent of our more than 2 million residents are vulnerable to serious health issues, but have difficulty accessing care outside of a costly ER.


With just $30,000 of funding, we can use data maps to get a mobile health van from our partners at the Berkeley Free Clinic out to those “hotspots” where it’s needed most. Plus, for an additional $20,000 we can provide a caseworker that will join a physician on call to travel throughout the community to manage patient care plans, coordinate social services and assist with follow up needs.

A $30,000 donation will put a mobile care van in the community for 6 months.

A $20,000 donation will put a caseworker in the community for 6 months.

Together, these investments will use big data to help provide valuable resources for the most vulnerable in our community, to help get them the right care where and when they need it.