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Urban Squash Twin Cities

Beyond Walls Urban Squash Twin Cities ("Beyond Walls") is dedicated to the mission of inspiring confidence and encouraging academic excellence among urban youth as they become lifelong learners and active leaders -- both on and off the court.



Using academic support, mentoring, life skills development, and fitness centered around the sport of squash, Beyond Walls supports students in finding, and graduating from, their best-fit post-secondary pursuit.

Our Core Program Areas
Our intensive, year-round program engages participating youth in the following:

  • Academic Mentoring: Youth work with an academic mentor to improve their academic performance, in a 2:1 student-to-mentor ratio, three days each week, for 350 hours annually.
  • Community Engagement: Youth plan and lead 5-6 community engagement projects each year, such as making blankets for people who are homeless, volunteering at book drives, and planting trees.
  • Health and Fitness: Youth practice 75 minutes of fitness and squash 3 days each week, along with participating in nutrition & wellness education and personal goal setting.
  • Exposure Opportunities: Youth travel on 5-6 local and national trips that combine squash games, college visits, and tours of national historical sites.
  • College Readiness: Youth receive education and support for successful college admission and accomplishment in higher education.

The cost of the Beyond Walls program is at no charge for our youth and families.
Your support allows us to equip them with proper shoes, clothing, food and access to laptops and other educational necessities--all taking place at the University of Minnesota!

For each and every student Beyond Walls Provides:

  • Transportation to and from the program
  • Bus/Metro Transit cards to students who need them
  • All squash related equipment (goggles, racquet, shoes)
  • Additional athletic style clothing
  • Daily healthy snacks/meals
  • All entry fees for any tournaments or trips are 100% covered
  • Access to laptops and technology for academic use
  • Academic supplies needed to do school work

The Impact of your support
Your financial donation to the Beyond Walls Cup provides students ...

  • Over 350 hours of year-round academic mentoring support of 70 Twin Cities Youth
  • A 5-week educational summer program
  • A one-on-one college mentor for every youth in the program
  • 9 hours per week of leadership develop and fitness opportunities
  • Three national traveling trips per year for selected youth

and ...

  • Ensures that each student receives 9 hours of direct service programming for 36 weeks out of the year
  • Increases our ability to grow our student capacity each year with a goal of serving 80 kids per week, year-round
  • Creates a college support program for all students who have graduated out of the program
  • Increases staffing support as youth numbers increase
  • Transportation support including two vans
  • Operations support such as rent, insurance etc.
  • Direct Service expenses (food, supplies, travel, equipment)
  • Family Support expenses (for families in need)
  • Alumni Support (for graduates who are in college)
  • Capacity Building and Infrastructure improvement