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Beyond Vision Foundation

We provide food and education for the children of the slum Hope for the futures

http://beyondvisionfoundation.org Tax ID 82-3186327


We provide food & education and a school, Beyond Vision Iniative Commmunity School for 260 children in the Tassia Slum located in Nairobi Kenya.Slum life is hard it is a day to day subsitance living, through gangs or scrounging to find whatever they can to sell and buy a daily meal. 

The feeding program provides access to the children and gives an opportunity to educate them. These children are now the 1st in their families out of multiple generations to attend school and get an education. 

The mission is to break the cycle of subsitance living and gang life, the parents allow us to educate their children if we will feed them, in the slums most of these parents are uneducated and do not know how to read or write.

 The children are taught how to interact outside of the slum with good mannerisms, cleanliness, they also have been taught  2 other languages, english being one of them.