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Betty Reynolds Wrongful Death Emergency Fund

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BENEFITING: American Childhood Cancer Organization

EVENT DATE: Oct 10, 2013

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On September 17, 2013 Betty Reynolds was killed 2 miles from her home in a head-on collision in Desoto Parish, LA on LA Highway 765 near the intersection of LA Highway 764. Betty Reynolds, 63, of Carthage, TX was traveling home from church while Mary Alexis Riney, 20, of Frisco, TX was traveling to the liquor store with her passenger, Taylor Hudson. The crash occurred when a northbound 2003 Honda Accord driven by Riney crossed the center line in a curve and traveled into the path of a southbound 2013 Ford Focus driven Reynolds. In an effort to avoid a collision, the Ford veered all the way over onto the northbound shoulder but was still struck by the Honda. Riney and a passenger in the Honda, Taylor Hudson, 21, of Henderson, TX, received moderate injuries and were transported to LSU Medical Center for treatment. Excessive speed on the part of Riney is suspected to be a factor in the crash. Riney was estimated by state troopers to be going 75mph in a 35mph zone when she crashed head-on into Reynolds, killing her instantly. Riney was charged with careless operation. The force of the impact was so hard that it crushed the entire front end of her vehicle and caused Reynolds to slam her head and snap her neck on the steering wheel, bending it even with the airbag deployed. The shockwave rippled her body so violently that her wedding ring flew off to be lost somewhere inside the disintegrated vehicle. The dash shattered as it pushed up against her body and the rear seats broke, slammed into the front seats, and crushing her body between the front and the back. Emergency crew had to cut apart her vehicle into pieces because it was too warped to open the front or back doors in order to remove her body. Slightly over one month since the accident, Riney has almost completely healed and states how happy she is, posting pictures on her Instagram and Facebook pages of herself happy and drinking with friends again. She has chosen to move on with her life and forgotten that she killed someone with her negligence and the pain that still endures for Reynolds' family. Riney had borrowed the vehicle from her then boyfriend (now ex) at the time. She is covered under the owner/boyfriend's insurance. Yet, Riney, Hudson, and their families have refused to cooperate even minimally with the insurance company in order to give Reynolds' sister Dorothy Foley a settlement to pay for the totaled car, hospital and emergency crew bills, Reynolds' missing wedding ring, the funeral, and other related costs/fees. I am Mary's ex-boyfriend writing this imploring and begging each and everybody that has lost a loved one to tragedy to help me right a wrong that has been done to Dorothy Foley and her family. Betty Reynolds was her last surviving sibling and last surviving immediate family member. Initially, I tried to help Mary and her family to make sure she got the coverage she needed because she had no insurance. The person she truly is has come out during this tragedy. I have done everything in my power to try to get her, Hudson, and their families to cooperate, but they just ignore all my efforts and all the efforts of my insurance company. Please help me correct the horrific wrong that has been done to Dorothy Foley and the entire Reynolds family and help them to start the phase of healing instead of worrying how they will pay these bills. Thank you kindly anyone for taking the time to read and for any donation you may give. Even the smallest amount will help. Thank you and God bless!



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