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Betterhumans Inc

501(c)(3) medical research organization working on Anti-Aging

https://betterhumans.org Tax ID 30-0930151


Our goal, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit medical research organization, is to develop AntiAging therapies that can be offered to the masses at the lowest cost possible so that anyone over the age of 65 can afford them, and can participate in the wave of  Exponential Technology in the bio-medical field that will propel us into  an unlimited future of lasting health and youth. Betterhumans has an analytical lab in Gainesville, Florida and a clinical trials medical office in The Villages, Florida. This clinic is a prototype to help us advance knowledge of the safety and efficacy of AntiAging therapies that we hope will dramatically  impact healthy aging and slow the onset of diseases and ameliorate suffering. All discoveries will be offered under a Creative Commons Public Patent License format, or the equivalent.