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Bethel USA

Bethel is a foundation that prioritizes the support of children who are the most at-risk by providing a safe space and a strong educational foundation that is based around an environment focused on love and care.

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The Bethel USA Foundation’s priority is to support underprivileged children and much needed education in developing countries.

The projects that Bethel has partnered with and supported include: a school for blind and visually impaired orphans in China, a center for girls rescued from online trafficking in the Philippines and a center for children living in a scavenger community also in the Philippines. To support the highly at-risk children in need, Bethel takes a hands on approach in the projects as we are regularly on-site providing guidance, oversight and fiscal support. Bethel also sends experts in their respective field to participate in local workshops and help with capacity building. 

Bethel believes that all children are equal and deserve to be given a foundation of education, support and love so that they can have an opportunity to live life to fullest, becoming independent and equal members of society.