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Community Center At Bethel

Charitable, Educational, Civic, Cultural, Historical, Patriotic and Religious activities, including management and operation of a rural community center.

Tax ID 81-4688392

Our mission at Bethel Church and Community Center is to continue to provide a place of worship which remains open to the public for not only services but for meetings and public events which engage the surrounding area residents and visitors. 

Bethel Church is a beacon on the Western Nebraska prairie. Since 1893, she continues to provide a gathering place for families and friends. Many moved away to other parts of the country, yet return to find a place of respite and memories.

The Community Center at Bethel, Inc. is organized for charitable, educational, civic,  cultural, historical, patriotic and religious and activities including the management and operation of a rurual community center. We are a non-profit and organized as a 501(c)(3) for your tax deductable contributions.