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Best Richardson African Diapora Literature & Culture Museum (Bradlcmuseum)

Connecting Family Through History, Literature and Geneology

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Best Richardson African Diaspora Literature & Culture Museum is a non-profit family, veteran, and woman-owned business that requests your support as we attempt to expand our services.  We opened a rare bookstore in 1997 and began this project with our personal limited funds two years ago.   BRADLC is dedicated to the education and enlightenment of diverse audiences of both students and adults.  Our mission is to highlight the literary contributions of people of the African Diaspora whose ancestors were forced into enslavement and forbidden to read or write for centuries under colonization. When their descendants finally were allowed to read, they were segregated and given outdated books and poor structures in which to learn. The effects of this history still exist today, so we honor our ancestors by showcasing their literature and rich culture in our museum.