Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon



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Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon Photo
Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon Photo
Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon Photo
Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon Photo
Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon Photo
Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon Photo
Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon Photo
Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Aug 16, 2014

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 16, 2014

Preserving the legacy of the Rev. James A. Benson and the Benson MultiCultural History Museum


"One picture here, another there.... an article or two and a collection of antiques that continued to grow". That is how one might describe how the creation of The Benson Museum began at The Valley Bible Church. And that’s how we are gearing up to rebuild the Benson Multicultural  History Museum and preserve the legacy that Rev.  James Benson. $10 here, $25 there….


Join us for our first annual “Remembering the Shoulders We Stand Upon” Fundraising Campaign and Social Mediathon. From now through August 28th we will be raising money to assist with a major renovation of the Benson Multicultural History Museum, which includes safely storing the museums priceless artifacts, tearing down the old museum that has been severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy and a number of snowstorms and building a brand new museum and community center. The museum has been a part of the rich history of Lawnside, NJ since 1980. Rev. Benson, the museums founder, told everyone who entered the museum was to “Remember whose shoulders we are standing on.” We need your help to see that this continues to happen.


How You Can Help

  • DONATE - This is truly a grassroots effort, so no amount is too small or too large. We'd be just as happy if 250,000 people gave $1 as we would if one person gave $250K. So click on the big orange button that says "Donate" and lets rebuild this museum one donation at a time.
  • JOIN OUR  FUNDRAISING TEAM – Create a fundraising page in memory of an ancestor whose shoulders YOU stand on.  Then ask your friends and family to make a small donation to our campaign in honor of them. Help us reach our goal (To begin, clcik the button that says "Set Up Your Fundraisier")
  • ATTEND THE SOCIAL MEDIATHON AND INVITE FRIENDS – On August 16th, we have a special event  at Rochesters Bar and Grill (12pm -6pm) where a number of supporters will be coming out with their laptops, tablets and smart phones to create a viral buzz about the campaign and the museum through social media. Rochesters has agreed to donate 5% of revenue back to the museum. SO INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO HELP CELEBRATE (More info below)
  • SPREAD THE WORD – If nothing else, Join our Facebook Page, Invite all your friends, share our web site and fundraising page. We’re trying to raise more awareness about the museum so it’s around for generations to come



August 16, 2014 12pm – 6pm
130 N. White Horse Pike, Lawnside, NJ

On August 16, 2014, we will be hosting our SOCIAL MEDIATHON celebration! It’s our last big push towards our goal.  For those helping us in our fundraising efforts, bring your laptops, tablets and smart phones and we’ll work together to create a huge viral buzz on social media and you’ll have a chance to win a few prizes!  Every $10 you raise will give you additional chances to win some great prizes. Even if you don’t  join our fundraising team, come out and support Rochesters between the hours of 12pm  - 6pm as they will donating 5% of their revenue towards our goal!


For more information about the Benson Multicultural History Museum
Twitter:  (@bensonmuseum)


About the Benson History Museum

"Remember whose shoulders you are standing on" is the challenge that Reverend James A. Benson, the founder of The Benson History Museum, gave to all visitors. Ten minutes into your visit you understand just what he meant. As you walk around the museum you are filled with pride and you realize just how extraordinary Lawnside, New Jersey, the only African American Incorporated Municipality in the Northern United States, truly is. You'll find tales of our local government and the many residents that have served over the years. There are pictures and documents that have been preserved to help tell the story of our forefathers and how the great Borough of Lawnside came to be. You'll also find a great wealth of information on the Underground Railroad.


About Lawnside, NJ

Lawnside was incorporated as a municipality in 1926, the only all-black community in New Jersey, and possibly in the North, to have such a status. (With its first election, Lawnside became the first independent self-governing African American community north of the Mason-Dixon line).