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Belrose Performing Arts Center

Theatre, School, Costume Shop, and so much more for over 50 years.

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The Belrose Needs Your Help

The Belrose Performing Arts Center (a public 501 C3- non-profit since 1982) has served Marin County and San Rafael for 58 years as a theatre, theatrical school, and costume shop

Under the iconic direction of Margie Belrose with her infectious love of the theatre, the Belrose has changed the lives of thousandsa by offering a safe space for children, teens, and adults to realize their desire to dance, sing, act and perform. It has also enriched the lives of audience members of sharing the joy and fulfillment oly live theatre can bring.

As it has for so many, the Coronavirus has significantly affected The Belrose. In March of 2020, the regular sources of income for The Belrose dried up. All the events of the theatre, the school, the costume shop, the rentals, as well as the 8 Renaissance Faire costume rental booths were cancelled. But – we cannot give up.

In the tradition of theatre everywhere that “the show must go on,” we ask for your help. Your donation will help keep the lights on. No amount is too small. Please give what you can and share this Go Fund Me page with anyone you think could help save the Belrose. All donations are tax deductible.

In another tradition of the theatre – to leave a “ghost light” on when the theatre is dark, our beautiful chandelier in the foyer will be lit every night, anticipation of the time when we all past this challenge. In honor of that moment, we’ve titled our next production “Curtain Up”!

Thank you for your love, your support, and your financial help.

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