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Behailu Academy Nfp

Developing social-emotional skills in Charlotte’s youth through free after-school art based programming.



Our Mission

To provide active and reflective experiences where students learn to collaborate successfully with others, build and express a healthy sense of self, and work toward goals with passion.

                                                                                             How We Do It

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Through our SEL curriculum, students build their capacity to deal more effectively with daily experiences and challenges. We focus on intrapersonal skills— emotions, identity, and impulse control as well as interpersonal skills- team-building, empathy, and communication. Participants learn and practice these skills in the program, build confidence, then use them at home, in school and with their peers.


Local artists teach relevant, diverse classes where participants increase their artistic skill and tap into their existing talents. The teaching artists' vast career and life experience provide a window into the wide world of possibility. The art serves as an outlet for emotions and experiences. It connects the participants to one another, supports innovation and collaboration and above all provides a vehicle to express their lived experiences.


The program culminates in the community-wide Student Art Gallery Showcase— where participants share their art and stories with a wide audience including family, school members, artists, business owners and neighbors. The Showcase provides a platform for participants to be seen and heard- to reconnect, strengthen and forge new connections. This is where the community comes together to build a web of supportfor them that extends far beyond the program.