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The Ethiopian educational system is an a state of crisis. Nearly half of Ethiopian families live on less than $1.25 a day causing half of school aged children to become involved in child labor and or trafficking and prostitution in order to survive. Tuition is free for primary school aged children yet uniforms,and learning materials create an economic barrier which keeps children from attending or completing school. In order to address the lack of educational opportunity for many in Ethiopia we are seeking to expand classrooms at the Aroma School in the Chapa community where we have been involved for five years. With additional classroom space students can advance to the next grade and more children can be educated each day. As our young children who have attended the Chapa school are growing up they need to be able to move up in grade levels to advance their education. This is a way of holistically sustaining the Chapa community and assisting many children to fulfill their dreams, far beyond the barriers of poverty. Help us engage your community and sphere of influence to act on behalf of the children of Chapa who also want to attend school just as our children love and benefit from school. We are seeking 60K to change the trajectory of child's lives in Ethiopia!

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