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The Campaign Against Hunger educates and empowers New York City residents to lead healthier, more productive and self-sufficient lives. Our holistic approach values individual and family needs and preferences while preserving dignity. The Campaign addresses the root causes of the health and economic problems prevalent in the community by offering a comprehensive set of programs focused on health, education, employment, nutrition and social services.

https://www.tcahnyc.org/ Tax ID 20-0934854


The Campaign Against Hunger (TCAH) began in 1998 as a small, traditional food pantry operating out of a church basement in historic Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Our mission is to empower our neighbors to lead healthier, more productive and self-sufficient lives, by increasing their access to safe and nutritious food and related resources. Over 20 years later, our organization and services have grown exponentially to include nutrition education courses, sustainable urban farming, and other social services, all meant to empower our neighbors and disrupt inter-generational cycles if poverty and disease.