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Beds For Kids Inc

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There are thousands of children in our city who don’t have a bed to call their own. Just because someone has a roof over their head doesn’t mean they are financially stable or have anything inside that house that makes it a home. There are children who have a house with doors and walls and windows but not bed, no soft place to lay their head at night, no light to do their homework by, no kitchen table to share a meal at, to talk about their day at. Furniture poverty is hiding behind too many front doors in our community. We hear stories from our clients about how their kids wouldn’t invite friends over because they were embarrassed of an empty house. Our community, and our world, expects children who aren’t getting a proper night’s sleep to perform at the same levels as kids who do. Beds and furniture are essential items for a family that impact children’s health, academics, and confidence. That is why our mission is to provide beds and essential furniture to children and their families in need.