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The [BE]autiful [YOU] Project

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June 08, 2012

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January 21st, 2011, I lost my right hand in an off roading accident. For a while, I started thinking..."Who will love a girl with one hand?" I thought people would judge me and I started to lose confidence. I finally realized this happened for a reason, and I began gaining my confidence back. After meeting many other amputee women who also admitted to losing confidence, I knew I had to do something, anything, to make these women feel as beautiful as they are. I decided to start planning an annual event called The [BE]autiful [YOU] Project, choosing that title to remind women that they are beautiful when they are being themselves. I envision motivational speakers, as well as women who choose to stand ans speak about their experience. Just a day of bringing confidence back into these beautiful people.

I know it will not be easy raising the money to start this event. I am willing to do whatever it takes. This is my first step to making The [BE]autiful [YOU] Projectbecome a reality, and reach out to everyone that is willing to reach back. I appreciate everything you have all done to help motivate me to this point, where I am ready to make this happen. You have been my rock, my support...and I know we can change the lives of women around the world. Yes, I know I will start small...however, I believe everyone will see the beauty of this event and help me make it the event I know it can be.

Donate a penny, a nickel, a dollar, or 20. All donations are accepted and very much appreciated. You are helping me live my dream and fulfill my God given purpose. This is why I lost my hand, because I am strong enough to handle it and reach out to people who may not be able to see the strength they have within to make it through themselves. We are all sisters, and we are all beautiful.



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brittany is working on selecting a charity so you can support The [BE]autiful [YOU] Project.