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EVENT DATE: Aug 28, 2016

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 01, 2016

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Beat the Bucket Challenge! 


On Sunday, August 28, New Hope Center for Grief Support will hold its second annual New Hope Family Fun Festival at Maybury Farm in Northville. This event will serve as a fundraiser and outreach event to engage the communities it serves as well as promote healthy grief practices. 


Planet Fitness is partnering with New Hope to create the Beat the Bucket challenge to help people in grief and has agreed to match the first $2,000 donated! The challenge will allow you to donate money online or at the event to throw plastic balls at a few targets that will send a bucket of water falling on a volunteer. All proceeds will benefit New Hope.


New Hope Center for Grief Support provides support, education, and community to people in Southeast Michigan grieving the loss of a loved one. Located in Northville, they have been serving the community since 2000. They are intentional about providing their services at no cost to those who are grieving. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, they rely on the generosity of others to provide this service to those looking for hope, healing and new beginnings after losing a loved one.


Getting involved is simple, and can be done several ways:


-Make a donation towards the Beat the Bucket Challenge. Two staff members, Rick Guttersohn and Chip DeClue are already volunteering to participate. Click either of their pages and contribute towards the fun!


-Take the Beat the Bucket Challenge and create a page for yourself! Creating a page is simple, and there are instructions below to help you get started, as well as some sample content to add to your page. Feel free to add your own story as well. If you have questions on how to set up a page, email 


-Purchase tickets to the event and spread the word! Tickets can be purchased on our website: Individual tickets are $10 and a family pass is $25. 


Thank you for participating in this challenge! You aren't just helping out New Hope Center for Grief Support, you are helping those who are hurting find hope, healing, and new beginnings. You are making a difference, and we appreciate you! 


Instructions for creating a page:


Click the black "Set up your fundraiser" tab on the right side of page

Select "Start your own fundraiser"

Follow the instructions. You can customize your page as much as you want, although the more information and pictures you put, the better your page will be.