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Why crowd fund vendor booths? Several reasons!


Have you watched the Slow Money video to the left?


The long-awaited bi-weekly Thursday evening Bean Scene Sunset Marketplace, sponsored by The Secret Garden Café Culinary Incubator Program, fills a unique niche and will include live music, local organic produce, artisanal prepared foods and condiments, pastries, raw & dehydrated foods, fermented foods, cruelty-free beauty products, craft beer & wine, crafts, wellness services, maintenance services (ex. knife sharpening, bicycle repair) and skill share workshops (think composting, spouting, yoga, cooking demos). The market is completely vegan with an emphasis on the sustainable, recycled, reusable and eco-friendly. It is unprecedented.


Co-founders and organizers, Sarah and Nina, collectively known as “Bean Scene,” recognize and appreciate that full season commitment and prepayment from our vendors, a structure that will ensure a lively and wildly successful first season of the market (September 24, 2015 - May 5, 2016), is also a potential barrier to entry for exactly the kinds of small scale growers, food producers, artists and wellness practitioners we have created the market to support.


Not anymore. 


INVEST IN OUR VENDORS, INVEST IN OUR COMMUNITY. In keeping with the grassroots nature of the market, we are reaching out to our fans to support their favorite vendors! When you lend a small amount of money (or large amount, if you wish!), you are making a statement that you want them to have this new opportunity and to infuse our emerging market with their unique offerings. As a lender, your loan will be REPAID IN FULL by the end of the season in the form of goods or services you select at the market from the vendor(s) you have sponsored. Some fine print may apply, check with individual vendors regarding pre-ordering and any maximum dollar credit redeemable per day. You are guaranteed to get your money back in the form of goods and services. Money invested in our community is like night and day compared to money sitting in the bank. As Thornton Wilder put it, “Money is like manure; it's not worth a thing unless it's spread around encouraging young things to grow.”

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