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Spark In The Dark

Our mission is to empower people and organizations to directly help one another in times of need. We strive to build a stronger and more connected community through every day acts of kindness, shared resources, and relationship creation.

www.sparkinthedark.org Tax ID 81-5466752


With 1000's of local members in our Spark in the Dark facebook group, individuals are able to reach out directly to their neighbors and ask for help in times of need. That help comes in many forms such as: physical items, advice, resources, and in many cases just a simple act of kindness or word of encouragment. In addition, community members who have extra are able to donate items directly to one another free of charge to someone who could not afford the item otherwise. 

At Spark in the Dark our role is to create a space for relationships and good deeds to flourish and it is paying off! We were able to help connect 25,000 situations to solutions over the past two years. We believe that it is important to approach traditional problems in an unconventional way to create a lasting impact.​