Join us on December 3, 2016 as we launch our BE THE CHANGE movement. Americans will rally nationwide for love and unity - in their local cities and online from the comfort of their own homes. We will stand in solidarity and vow to fight hatred, racism, sexism, bias, and all other forms of discrimination. This movement endeavors to bring communities together and inspire all of us to actively be the change we wish to see in the world.

Are you ready to join the #BeTheChangeChallenge? It's easy:

Attend a rally in a city near you

Make a virtual pledge

Donate via CrowdRise

Inspire your friends to do the same

Attend a Rally

Find a Love & Equality Rally happening on 12/3/16 in a city near you!

Make a Virtual Pledge

If you’re unable to attend a rally - you can still be part of the #BeTheChangeChallenge! Think of something you want to do moving forward that will help you “be the change.” Then write it down and let us see you and your pledge in a photo or video! You could vow to volunteer for a local charity, become a mentor, stand up to a bully, participate in local government, call your state senator to advocate for your beliefs, etc. We're excited to see how YOU want to BE THE CHANGE! When you post, please tag three of your friends and challenge them do to their own virtual pledge. The smallest ripples create the biggest waves!

Post your own pic or video using #BeTheChangeChallenge on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram!

Donate or Fundraise

Donate to the social justice organization of your choice. We have listed a few that fit our mission statement but feel free to start your own fundraiser below for a cause that aligns with your passions and interests! Be sure to include the hashtag #BeTheChangeChallenge when you donate.

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Inspire your friends to do the same

Share this page and use #BeTheChangeChallenge on all your posts. Be sure to tag all your friends!