GoFundMe Charity : Jul 08, 2010
Tax ID: 26-1906165
BASED: Greenwich, CT, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.bcured.org

To End Brain Cancer

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B*CURED's mission is to end brain cancer by funding vital brain cancer research. We do it because many of us lost a parent, a spouse, or a beloved friend to this devastating disease. Every day 550 people in the US will be diagnosed with a brain tumor and because there are 120 different types and because it is the brain, it can be complicated to treat.  Survival rates from brain cancer are depressingly low.

B*CURED aims to change this story. We provide grants to innovative scientific research at leading medical institutions like Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Yale, Columbia, Mass General, and more.

As for awareness, nobody likes to talk about c.a.n.c.e.r, but patients and their families must have support on their side and the public must know how they can help. So we keep talking, tweeting, posting and organizing events like our B*CURED Athletic challenges. We are a 100% volunteer organization so all donations go directly to the cause.

Where could we be in the short run? Look at the success of the breast and prostate cancer models. Aggressive awareness and research funding campaigns have led to early detection and an array of treatment options. We can do this for brain cancer.  We can and must decrease the toll of this devastating disease.

Our B*CURED Athletes are dedicating their athletic and fundraising talents to get the word out and to fund more critical brain cancer research. They are awesome so please support them generously! Visit www.bcured.org to learn more and get involved!

Tax ID: 26-1906165 • www.bcured.org


B*CURED NYC 2019 Image B*CURED NYC 2019 Amount Raised: $43,642

44% Raised of$100,000 Goal

B*CURED's 2019 Five Boro Bike Tour Image B*CURED's 2019 Five Bor… Amount Raised: $3,300

22% Raised of$15,000 Goal

Greyson's Kansas City Triathlon for B*CURED Image Greyson's Kansas City Triath… Amount Raised: $43,576

145% Raised of$30,000 Goal

B*CURED 2018 TD Five Boro Bike Tour Image B*CURED 2018 TD Five Boro Bi… Amount Raised: $10,801

54% Raised of$20,000 Goal

2018 B*CURED TCS NYC MARATHON Image 2018 B*CURED TCS NYC MARATHON Amount Raised: $112,657

113% Raised of$100,000 Goal

Sophie's 2017 Kiawah Marathon for B*CURED Image Sophie's 2017 Kiawah Ma… Amount Raised: $7,316

146% Raised of$5,000 Goal

B*CURED 2017 TCS NYC Marathon Image B*CURED 2017 TCS NYC Marathon Amount Raised: $54,497

54% Raised of$100,000 Goal

B*CURED's TD 5 Boro Bike Tour Team Image B*CURED's TD 5 Boro Bik… Amount Raised: $30,620

153% Raised of$20,000 Goal

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