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A Place Apart • Where Dreams Come True

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Since 1934, Bay Cliff Health Camp has provided life-changing therapy and care to children with disabilities at little-to-no cost to their families because of amazing people like you!

What began as a nourishment camp during the Great Depression has  grown into a year-round organization, offering programming for people of all ages in order to live more enriching, independent lives. 

Now in our 87th year, Bay Cliff continues to be a place apart! When the COVID-19 pandemic made it evident our Children's Summer Therapy Camp (a residential summer camp where children with disabilities receive individualized therapy from licensed Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists), we transitioned to an online, virtual offering (see video), thus keeping our community connected.

Virtual Camp has ended and Bay Cliff once again forges ahead! While programming across the board has been suspended, we are busy planning for the future - with plans A,B, and C! - so that when social distancing guidelines are eased, we are ready to continue serving in our mission to change the lives of children and adults with disabilities in a therapeutic camp setting!