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Spark 2020

Bay Area mentoring - vision for the next five years


Imagine a society where every student has equal opportunity and access to a high-quality education. Imagine if all students graduated from school, and were able to thrive in professional careers. 


Spark believes that all students should--and will--achieve this reality.


After 10 years of serving more than 3,000 students, the results are clear: Spark students improve performance in school, are more highly prepared for high school, and graduate at higher rates than their peers.


​​Spark intervenes where few others do--in middle school. We know that if we get students to reach 9th grade on track, they are 4x more likely to graduate. We need your help to do this.


By 2020, our goal is to impact more students in more districts through more mentors and corporate partnerships.


Would you consider making a donation today to help fuel the growth of our program?



Current Education Landscape in the Bay Area


  • On average 49% of students in schools served by Spark are not meeting state standards in science. By enlarging student cohorts, Spark could increase engagement and readiness as 88% of Spark alumni enter 9th grade on-track.


  • Minority student graduation rates are 18% lower than their peers in Bay Area districts. Scaling to meet the growing need for education opportunities, including districts with higher minority populations, will allow for the most impact. 


  • Nationally, 25% of all young people, and approximately 40% of African American and Hispanic youth, do not graduate from high school. 92% of Spark alumni have gone on to graduate or are on track to graduate high school on time. 


  • Civic Enterprises Reports estimates that high-school dropouts will on average earn approximately $130,000 and $1 million less than high school and college graduates, respectively, over their lifetimes.


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