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BASICS International, Inc.

We are a global community based intervention program, promoting literacy, economic empowerment, health, wellness and social inclusion. Providing BASIC tools for self sustainability from USA to Ghana West Africa

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Since the year 2000, BASICS International has impacted over 300,000 through community outreach, provided 2190 educational sponsorship’s, of which 1200 was provided to the girl child.  We have provided shelter to over 27 at risk  girls, provided scholarships to over 100 high school students, and made it possible for 5 ( and counting) university graduates.  We have opened our doors to over 1000 volunteers, that represent 21 countries, and provided two fully funded Fellowships to U.S.A University grads.

We provide economic development, freedom  through our  social enterprise; #IAM HEDZOLE ( freedom) to women and families. Out of school ( high school graduates or drop outs) are giving skills in sewing, quilting, screen printing and business managment .  Particpants earn income to be self sufficient through items they produce.

We reinvest proceeds from #IAM HEDZOLE  into the organization to support other initiatives; Break the Cycle and BACK 2 SCHOOL.

The key to sustainable development in the communities that we work in is to provide a holistic education intervention. Simply providing the financial means for a child to go to school is not enough. A child’s needs reaches far beyond the classroom.

We are excited by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal to end extreme poverty by 2030.