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Barakat Bundle Inc

Working with local communities to create life-saving bundles for mothers & newborns

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Over 1.5 million infant deaths and 75,000 maternal deaths occur each year in South Asia.

Through the use of relatively inexpensive and feasible public health interventions around the time of birth, more than 80% of these deaths are completely preventable with appropriate care and education. 

However, issues of affordability, access, and education prevent mothers and infants from getting the basic care they deserve.

Barakat Bundle is a nonprofit that believes it is unacceptable that mothers and their children continue to die from causes the world has already solved. We address the barriers to care families face by our life-saving care and education bundles called Barakat Bundles that are integrated within existing health systems.

Visit www.barakatbundle.org and @barakatbundle to learn more!