Simon's Gift of Time 2015

Organized by: Amy Balentine

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Every second counts.

This is something we continue to say about the life of our second son, Simon - a life that lasted just 7 days and 22 minutes outside the womb.

We knew we wouldn't get much, if any, time with Simon while his heart was still beating after he was born.  We were unsure if Simon would ever breath due to a chromosomal condition he had called Trisomy 13.  Trisomy 13 often causes fatality at birth, and many times prior to birth. We anticipated delivering a silent baby.

According to many sources, a staggering 26,000 families will experience the loss of their baby at birth in 2015 in the US alone.

In memory of our two sons who both died in 2014 - Simon who lived one week, and Thomas who died at 13 weeks gestation - we are fundraising during the first anniversary week of Simon’s life (May 14, 2015 at 9:55pm through May 21, 2015 at 10:17pm).   The goal of this campaign is to give precious time to families who have lost their baby boy or girl prior to birth, during birth or shortly after birth.  

We are raising funds to donate the first CuddleCot™ in Kansas City to St. Luke's Hospital Kansas City (Plaza location) - where Simon, Thomas, and our living two and a half year old son, Teddy, were born. The CuddleCot system is used to cool a baby who was stillborn or lost shortly after birth so the baby may remain in the hospital room with the family.  The CuddleCot grants the family precious, uninterrupted time with their child so they aren't forced to say goodbye just a few short hours after laying eyes on their son or daughter.  

This might seem quite morbid or even unpleasant to many.  However, this is the sobering reality for many families. It is our heart's desire to assist by giving precious moments to these families who want to spend time memorizing their baby's face, singing to their baby, and simply loving on their baby.  The CuddleCot could give many families the ability to say goodbye when they are ready, rather than feel the added pressure of time slipping away.

An average of 80 families will experience this sort of loss at St. Luke's Hospital Kansas City in 2015. Would you be willing to give love and support to these families with us?

Here are a few key things the CuddleCot provides:
-parents spend time with baby rather than transferring baby back-and-forth between the morgue
-extended family to meet the baby
-parents can bond with the baby as a family
-parents can sleep in the same room as the baby
-baby can stay with mom possibly the entire time she is in the hospital
-option to take baby home to "wake"

The CuddleCot system costs $2,764.00
The Moses basket costs $35.00
Our goal is to raise $2,800.00

Link To CuddleCot Website:

Should we exceed our goal, we plan to use additional funds for a pregnancy and infant loss support group Amy started called You Made Me Mom (

Here are some of the ways any excess funds would be spent in support of YMMM:
-business cards for chapter leaders
-printed one page materials for mothers who experience miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss distributed to local hospitals
-bassinet program (various sizes of bassinets available for pick up at the Balentine house for families who experience miscarriage or stillbirth, bassinets in three appropriate sizes for age of baby's gestation)
-officially apply for 501c3 status for You Made Me Mom
-donate a second CuddleCot to another hospital or facility in Kansas City
-funds for You Made Me Mom chapter leaders to meet once a year for prayer and to discuss organization direction

A few final things to mention:

-This is the first CuddleCot in the Kansas City area.  The next closest cot is in Kentucky 400 miles away.
-This is the 32nd CuddleCot in the Nation.

Thank you for considering a donation to the CuddleCot fund which will honor and continue the legacies of our sons Simon and Thomas.

Your donation assists in reclaiming joy and time during loss.


To read more about our story, visit our family blog:

Meet Simon:

With Love,

Amy and Adam Balentine


Because of the flood of support we received in the first 24 hours, we will be raising our goal to $6,000 (a $3,200 increase).  The fundraiser will still close on May 21st at 10:17 PM, the date/time Simon passed.

Can we fundraise for two CuddleCots?  We're up for the challenge if you are.  In the spirit of transparency, here is how the funds will break down:

-$2,800 (COMPLETED!) - CuddleCot #1 donation to St. Luke's Kansas City Hospital
-$2,800 - CuddleCot #2 donation to location TBD
-$400 - donation to You Made Me Mom, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group

Please continue to spread the word!  We thank you for your prayer, generosity and love.  Together, we are giving precious time to families who will experience unspeakable heartache.

With sincere love,
The Balentines ~Adam, Amy, Teddy, Simon and Thomas 



139% Raised of$6,000 Goal

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Organized by

Amy Balentine

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Westcott family

Westcott family

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Beautiful idea! 5 years ago

Brentley, Melissa & Meyer Donaldson

Brentley, Melissa & Meyer Donaldson

To a beautiful family full of faith. Thank you for sharing your story. 5 years ago



5 years ago

Patrick & Lisa Sweeney

Patrick & Lisa Sweeney

5 years ago

Gustafson Family

Gustafson Family

5 years ago

Caitlyn Hughes

Caitlyn Hughes

5 years ago

John and Cindy Schuelke

John and Cindy Schuelke

5 years ago

The Bosnic Family

The Bosnic Family

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