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Baja Dog Rescue

We rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, abandoned and neglected dogs and find them loving happy homes

www.bajadogrescue.org Tax ID 27-4393020


Baja Dog Rescue is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is run by a group of dedicated volunteers in Southern California area. We rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, abandoned and neglected dogs and find them loving happy homes; we literally give them a second chance at life. Baja Dog Rescue was formed for the purpose of saving the lives of homeless dogs. We love animals and want to help save the lives of homeless dogs, to find responsible individuals to take in and care for homeless dogs, and work for the humane treatment, adoption, rescue and care of dogs. 

Baja Dog Rescue is an active member of a regional coalition of animal rescue organizations that serve to create a no kill zone. This means that we do not euthanize healthy animals to control population. We advocate humane spay / neuter programs for population control and to reduce cruelty that arises from over population and stray animals. Our organization provides educational as well as spay/neuter, medical and rescue services. Baja Dog Rescue spays/neuters all adult animals in our care. 

We maintains rehabilitation services that include emergency medical care (for example, from gun wounds, abuse injuries, car strikes, cancer), medicine for chronic conditions (like parasites and endemic dog diseases), food and nutritional supplements to rebuild health and overcome starvation syndromes. When the animals are fully recovered, healthy, and free of behavioral problems, we put them through an adoption network and helps them to join new families. We supplement this effort through an affiliate network of foster homes. Adopters are required to sign a humane treatment agreement. Our organization takes back dogs if adopters don’t uphold the agreement. 
We provides permanent sanctuary to dogs that are unadoptable due to severity of trauma. • Provides consultation and a support network to anyone needing assistance with rescue/ rehab work.

Baja Dog Rescue focuses 100% of efforts on street rescues. These dogs are the worst-case scenarios and would have a 0% chance of survival without our efforts. 
• Maintain a medical staff on hand and a veterinarian to administer, diagnosis, and treat dogs that are rescued through us.  
• Partnered with Petco Unleashed to facilitate weekly adoption events to find our adoptable dogs loving homes. 
• Serves the Southern California area including San Diego County, Orange County & Los Angeles County. 
• Current facility is comprised of 45,000 sq ft with 4 buildings, which represent about 11, 650 sq ft all used for housing for the dogs we rescue. WE ACCOMPLISH
• Provide emergency medical care and routine medical care at our own on-site veterinary hospital Baja Dog Rescue provides medical treatment, spay/neuter and care for over 1,000 dogs per year at our emergency veterinarian medical hospital.