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EVENT DATE: Apr 04, 2011

Tony Tran


The Salvation Army is not a typical military. Armed with hugs and trained in the charitable arts, they have been providing acts of kindness to millions of people worldwide since 1865. But of course you already knew that.

Something else you know is that statisticians aren’t necessarily hailed for their volunteerism, so our group is hoping to set the right tone by providing free services to the Salvation Army.

Collecting data sheet by sheet, entering data, and analyzing that data doesn’t come without hefty price tags to keep our operation running daily, like golf pencils, paper, ink, computers, software (jk about the last two we got those covered), and LOTS of Trader Joes coffee.

So Please Help Us in Our Cause – To Aid Those Aiding Others. You may not agree with the religious background of the SA, but it’s hard to disagree that they are doing some damn good good for people like you and I.

We are asking for 1+8+6+5 = $20 donation to help our cause (or whatever you can spare). That’s 4 orders of 20 piece chicken nuggets @ McDonalds. More than 50% off the price of admission to Great America. Or the cost of toll over the Bay Bridge 4 times. And by helping our cause, you won’t even suffer from any indigestion, long lines, or road rage.

On behalf of our team of statisticians, thank you most dearly.'n+boots.jpg



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