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My wife and I are newly converted Christians as of 09/12 thanks to an amazing church and thanks in part to my 13 year old daughter who through a friend introduced us to The Woodlands Church in The Woodlands, Texas. The more we attend this church, the more god has entered our life in body and soul and we can't help but feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the one above and his everyday miracles whether it be in our lives or in the lives of others. We have now come to the realization that in our lives, up to date, we really haven't done much other than the usual living day by day with blinders on not realizing the many small impacts we can have on the world and our community. Just recently we have began to feel how rewarding it is and how wonderful it feels to help others even in the littlest way. So we began to think...How can we really get the wheels turning and help make a difference at least in our community? Once again, god has lead us to the answer. Crowdrise!! A website which until 5 minutes ago, We did not even know exsisted. The thought of reaching out to people we don't know for help in our cause and make our dreams possible can now be a reality. Our goal is to help our community and hopefully neighboring ones aswell. It is not a goal specific to one cause or thing, it is actually very general and even still, open to more ideas and imput from any contributor. We would like to reach out to all forms of life from animals to humans, leave no living thing behind. We would like to help animals shelters by donating food and helping with medical treatment costs of animals in need and hopefully create no kill shelters for the animals so that they too can have a fair share at happy lives. We would like to fund church missions for individuals who are eager to help but cannot afford to therefore exclude themselves from such crutial activites such as aiding in disaster realief. We would like to help the church fund programs to further instill in our youth the importance of god and his positive impact in our lives and futures. We would like to help underpriveldged families send their children to college by assisting with the costs of higher education. We would like help disabled veterans by showing our appreciatiation and giving back with littles things like groceries or tickets to entertainment events, or a free night out. We would like to help families with individuals sufferring from terminal illness by assisting with some of the medical costs while they deal with such devastating situations. The list goes on and on and on.....We can "Awaken The World" by letting them know that as individuals, as a community, as human beings, we care about each other!!



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