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Autism Society of Indiana

To improve the lives of all people affected by autism in Indiana. To us, “people affected” means: individuals with autism, their families, teachers, physicians, therapists, bus drivers, restaurant owners…etc! We do this by providing individualized information and support referrals to individuals who are affected by autism TODAY. We understand that autism is a lifelong disability. ASI is here to provide support and advocacy, and to increase awareness and acceptance throughout our state. We are the first point of contact for people around Indiana when they need support, input, or a shoulder to cry on. Our staff all have close family members who are on the autism spectrum, which gives us that real-life experience that you can’t learn from a book.

www.inautism.org Tax ID 35-1924804


What we can do for FAMILIES

• Provide specific guidance, based on individual needs, on where to get a diagnosis and what to do after receiving a diagnosis.

• Help to determine what to do to support your loved one while waiting for an assessment or diagnosis.

• Provide referrals to resources that we know are right for you.

• Provide access to resources through ARNI (Autism Resource Network of Indiana) at www.arnionline.org.

• Conduct regional expos, conferences, workshops, and trainings at little to no cost to you.

• Provide IEP/Article 7 support and guidance.

• Guide families through the many life transitions.

• Assist with postsecondary education planning and transition.

• Assist and support employment and living choices.

• Provide Spanish language interpretation in schools and medical settings.

• Organize new or support existing local support groups.

• Develop and implement adult and young adult social skills groups around the state.

• Develop and implement teens & tweens social skills groups around the state.

• Provide an Ally in your area of the state to provide support as needed.


What we can do for LOCAL SUPPORT GROUPS

• Provide information about ASI, statewide resources, autism and other general topics.

• Advise local leaders on how to create a chapter, provide services, run events, raise money and reach families.

• Provide or facilitate “town hall meetings” to gather the needs of the community.

• Provide administrative, financial and other supports as needed.

• Identify gaps in family support within the region and work with providers to move resources to that area.



• Provide information about ASI, statewide resources, autism and other general topics.

• Advise administrators on the needs of children with autism at various grade levels.

• Help with the transition process from high-school to adulthood.

• Help with IEPs and Behavior Plans.

• Offer workshops for staff.

• Provide access to ARNI (the Autism Resource Network of Indiana at www.arnionline.org).


What we can do for LOCAL and STATE AGENCIES

• Collaborate on new programs by identifying gaps in the system.

• Provide information about ASI, statewide resources, autism and other general topics.

• Include agencies in the ARNI directory.

• Partner with agencies to meet the needs of the families in their area, both local and statewide.

• Provide training to employees about autism and resources available to them.


What we can do within the INDIANA STATE LEGISLATURE

• Articulate the data that conveys the needs of the families and how we can impact change.

• Identify specific needs or gaps in the current legislature, and provide input on implementing change.

• Provide information about ASI, statewide resources, autism and other general topics.


What we can do for the JUSTICE and LAW ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM

• Provide information about ASI, statewide resources, autism and other general topics.

• Connect enforcement agencies with local chapter leaders.

• Advise agencies on how to protect children with autism and how to shepherd such children through law enforcement procedures.

• Lead the Indiana Partners in Justice group (IN-PIJ).

• Support families who have a minor or adult with special needs in the justice system.

• Help connect families with Project Life Saver and local 911 registries.



• Participate in the Waiting List Task Force led by the Arc of Indiana.

• Participate in the Post Secondary Education Coalition, by leading the Families committee – to educate people about the opportunities around post-secondary education.

• Participate in the Indiana Alliance for Full Participation.

• Participate in the Arc Education Committee.

• Lead the IIACC (Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council) and manage the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Individuals with ASD.

• Collaborate with Insurance Carriers to ensure that claims for ASD related services are processed correctly.