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Austin Runners Club

Established in 1974, the Austin Runners Club is a non-profit organization with members of all backgrounds, ages and running abilities. ARC is a completely volunteer-led organization that produces races, facilitates weekly group run clubs and offers health education events and resources. We rely on contributions from the community to help us bring these events and resources to Austin to help change people's lives through running.

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Austin Runners Club Strategic Framework


Austin is widely recognized as a premier running community in the country. One that supports running as a catalyst to changes people’s lives.


To challenge runners of today and inspire runners of tomorrow to lace up their shoes, get outside and use running as a vehicle to pursue a healthy lifestyle. ARC is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization that works to create an inclusive community that welcomes runners of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. Together we will build a healthier, stronger and better Austin for all of us.


Run for a better Austin- We run to promote healthy living and invite others to join us in the journey. We run to inspire, and we are inspired by others that run. We run to feel alive and we race to challenge ourselves to become better. We run because we love running and we know that feeling can inspire our community to do so much more. We develop a portfolio of races, race series and other events to inspire this same love we feel when we line up at the starting line.

Build a stronger community- We have big goals and we need a strong support system to achieve those goals. Building a strong community starts with welcoming ALL runners. Then we have to inspire them to join us on the journey. Finally, we need to develop the next generation of runners by focusing on the youth in our community. We need to inspire a love for the sport at a young age and mentor these future leaders to help them reach their potential. These future leaders will carry the torch to ensure our work will continue.

Connect all things running in Austin- We will build a network of partners that share related goals in the community. We will connect running groups, race directors, retail shops, non-profit partners and any other running related businesses and organizations. We will lead this network to collaborate on the common goal of strengthening the running community and elevating ALL things running in Austin.