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Austin Farm Sanctuary

Here to create a world ALL animals are happy to call home.

austinfarmsanctuary.org Tax ID 82-4374012


Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue and provide sanctuary to farm animals and to inspire change in how society views and treats these beautiful creatures. Our rescues come from situations of abuse, abandonment and/or have been raised for slaughter.

Our Purpose

Save Animals – Expanding our reach and ability to save animals that are in need. This will always be our #1 goal, year after year. We grew a lot in 2018 and did not slow down in 2019! We are moving forward with some big projects in 2020 and are grateful to continue increasing our impact and the number of lives we save.

Inspire Change - We believe that progress requires more than the actions of a few, it requires a community. We strive to build relationships between people and farm animals. Through this we hope to encourage mindfulness and shift the way society perceives and values farm animals. We inform people of the horror that is the modern day farm industry and educate on the personal health and environmental benefits of a plant-based/vegan lifestyle.