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Atitlan Fund Inc

Saving Lake Atitlan and its Inhabitants from the Effects of Enviromental Degradation

http//.www.theatitlanfund.org Tax ID 82-2942120


We are a team of concerned citizens, volunteers and scientists who are focused on preserving and restoring the Lake Atitlan basin for future generations.

The purpose for which the Corporation has been formed is to Fund and Support Infrastructure, Educational Projects and Programs that will Help Restore, and Preserve Lake Atitlan’s Ecosystems, Natural Beauty, and Local Cultures, thus Improving the Wellbeing of its Inhabitants.

Programs we support through our local partners; Covid 19 Response, Environmental Education, Water Management & Conservation Infraestructure & Policy Change, Reforestation and Watershed Reclamation, Solid Waste Management, Cooking Oil Recollection, Preservation of Culture and Traditions Through Art and Community Engagement

To learn more about our efforts, please visit our website, www.TheAtitlanFund.org.

Your gift will not only protect the precious environment, cultures and, ecosystems of Lake Atitlan and the Atitlan Basin, it will also build cohesive collaborative community relationships and policy change that will protect this global treasure for decades to come.