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Assumptions Inc

Assumptions Institute teaches real-world discernment skills so people may know Jesus Christ, reflect their relationship with Him in all of life, and avoid being manipulated by the cultural messages they encounter daily.

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We use specialized educational tools to help those we serve to surface and evaluate hidden assumptions.  There are assumptions behind the things we read, watch, and hear.  There are assumptions below the surface in how we do our work.  Once we help people and organizations identify their assumptions, we can assist them in developing real world discernment in real time.  They can quickly discern what is true or false in the messages they encounter in academia, the media, and the culture.  It is at the level of one’s assumptions that we can help people and organizations find God and engage with him in their daily lives.  Assumptions enable believers to extend their relationship with Christ beyond their personal lives so they may serve those they encounter in their daily lives and work, and find the ministry for which God made them.