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Augustinians of the Assumption, Inc

Dedicated to bringing about the Kingdom of God within us and around us.

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About the Augustinians of the Assumption

Centered on Jesus Christ and responsive to the needs of the time, we are consecrated religious dedicated to bringing about the Kingdom of God within us and around us. We devote much of our time and resources to supporting the poor and marginalized through various initiatives including the construction and running of schools in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the animation of parishes in El Paso, TX and in indigenous communities in Mexico.

About Assumption High School - Nairobi

Assumption High School is a co-ed high school run by the Augustinians of the Assumption that serves at-risk students from poor families in the outskirts and surrounding areas of Nairobi, Kenya.

About Prince of Peace School - Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo

In one of the most dangerous regions of Africa, North Kivu (Democratic Republic of the Congo/DRC), children learn to write, to count, and to live in peace at the Prince of Peace School Complex, which was founded by the Assumptionists.

About the new Assumptionist Foundation in El Paso, Texas

In the fall of 2020 the Augustinians of the Assumption assumed responsibility of a parish in the south west side of El Paso, St. Francis Xavier. Our efforts here are focused on meeting the spiritual and material needs of migrants. Our presence along the U.S./Mexico border will allow us to carry out this work that is at the heart of our Assumptionist charism "to go wherever God is threatened in man and man threatened as the image of God."

About pastoral care to indigenous communities in Veracruz, Mexico

Since 2017 the Augustinians of the Assumption have been serving the indigenous Nahuatl communities in the mountaneous area of Veracruz, Mexico. These communities, rich in culture, faith, and hospitality are often affected by poverty. In addition to proclaiming the Gospel and sharing the joy of religious life, the support of benefactors allows us to address the material needs of these communities. 

We thank our generous donors for supporting these works and consider our benefactors an integral part of the ever-growing Assumption family.